Potatoe Fish Pie with Carrots in Sweet Soy Sauce filling

Those winter days we think in comfort food and hence this potato pie; For the preparation you need some love and time for the best result,,,,With carrots, sweet soy sauce, topped with fish,parsley,spring onions,cheese,,,and of course it is easy to prepare too,Enjoy! more from this recipe at http://www.plentyflavours.com Lees verder Potatoe Fish Pie with Carrots in Sweet Soy Sauce filling

Oven-baked Oats & Granola cake base

For the coming week this simple,delicious cake base,with tea and soy milk, I use tea in this recipe just to eat in a different, healthier way. You can useĀ in an endless way,, For example as a bar for your breakfast on the road, in jar with fruit ,during sports,a desert and more delicious things *Use dry fruits,seeds if you like *For those bars I use … Lees verder Oven-baked Oats & Granola cake base

Quick and easy Cherry Grunt pie

For a easy and quick way to make a grunt pie without much time in the kitchen, than is this pie one of the best way! Grunt is so delicious and simple with a few ingredients and 25 minutes in the oven,,,and is done. I use cherries because at the moment they are abundant in the supermarket. Lets start! Ingredients 500g fresh cherries (without pips) … Lees verder Quick and easy Cherry Grunt pie

After christmas pie

Leftovers are delicious especially during or after special days Leftovers from me turkey casserole with peach, pears, chestnuts to make a new meal as a pie For the pie Ingredients: 1 pack of filo pastry 3 eggs 1 chopped onion 2 full tablespoons Greek yogurt 2 cups of spelled flour leftover of vegetables leftover of turkey salt and pepper butter to spread the pie plate … Lees verder After christmas pie