Dutch Pie with Pork Chops, Bacon, Mashed Potatoes and Pear in Plum Sauce

In this winter I had made a British pie and later i thought to create a Dutch pie with one ingrediƫnt that i like to use, the dry juniper berry,plums,raisins and this is the result. 3 layers in this pie; Mashed potatoes, roast chicken fillet, pork chop with bacon,pear in plum sauce,,Read more from this recipe at my blog post; http://www.plentyflavour.com Lees verder Dutch Pie with Pork Chops, Bacon, Mashed Potatoes and Pear in Plum Sauce

Soya mince, Stuffed Portobello’s

A VEGETARIAN DAY! STUFFED MUSHROOMS with SOY MINCE,,If you are looking for a balance with comfort food in those autumn days here something that can be a good option if a looking for,,,,,, like those big stuffed Portobello’s. and don’t forget very light and delight for your eyes..www.plentyflavours Lees verder Soya mince, Stuffed Portobello’s

Breakfast with Chili con carne,Chickpeas

  A healthy lifestyle starts with a balanced breakfast. It has to be done as soon as possible in the early days of the day. This habit should be acquired from childhood. Those who do not have a reduction in nutrients (vitamins and minerals) in food, are more likely to have anemia, attention deficit, apathy and indisposition. Breakfasts can vary from day to day and … Lees verder Breakfast with Chili con carne,Chickpeas

Artichoke Bread Cheese Pie

Well with the artichoke season again is the time to taste this beautiful flower again with a special flavor that gives many cooking possibilities for every moment. In the supermarket i saw a large Turkish bread, big enough for a pie.In this case, I use my fingers to make some holes that makes easy for the other ingrediends.With thyme, garlic, parsley and Mediterranean herbs. You … Lees verder Artichoke Bread Cheese Pie