Stuffed Eggplant with Arugula pesto and Protein rich Soya chunks

Like a lasagne layers, this recipe is built. Lay of arugula pesto, baked soya chuncks, grated cheese, cherry tomatoes, roasted pine nuts. The Soya chuncks are made from soy flour. You can buy them as granules, flakes, strips as well as in chunks.They are rich in protein, omega 3 oils, vitamins and a very good healthy meat replacement. Before cooking with soya chunks, immerse themed … Lees verder Stuffed Eggplant with Arugula pesto and Protein rich Soya chunks

Soya mince, Stuffed Portobello’s

A VEGETARIAN DAY! STUFFED MUSHROOMS with SOY MINCE,,If you are looking for a balance with comfort food in those autumn days here something that can be a good option if a looking for,,,,,, like those big stuffed Portobello’s. and don’t forget very light and delight for your eyes..www.plentyflavours Lees verder Soya mince, Stuffed Portobello’s

Pineapple,Papaya Fitness ice cream

On a sunny day and not forgetting of course the diet this summer, light foods, salads, fruits, water and why not our ice cream too! All natural ingredients. Remember that you add the Sugar the way you like,your taste, like the milk cream. I made in half an hour and stayed in the freezer for about 4 hours before serving. Well let’s start with this … Lees verder Pineapple,Papaya Fitness ice cream