Oven-baked Oats & Granola cake base

For the coming week this simple,delicious cake base,with tea and soy milk, I use tea in this recipe just to eat in a different, healthier way. You can use in an endless way,, For example as a bar for your breakfast on the road, in jar with fruit ,during sports,a desert and more delicious things *Use dry fruits,seeds if you like *For those bars I use … Lees verder Oven-baked Oats & Granola cake base

Artichoke Bread Cheese Pie

Well with the artichoke season again is the time to taste this beautiful flower again with a special flavor that gives many cooking possibilities for every moment. In the supermarket i saw a large Turkish bread, big enough for a pie.In this case, I use my fingers to make some holes that makes easy for the other ingrediends.With thyme, garlic, parsley and Mediterranean herbs. You … Lees verder Artichoke Bread Cheese Pie