Mussels in cream broccoli sauce

A blender creamy broccoli mussels today.Light for a summer day! I usually choose something different and sometimes the color of the sea, such as today!!! Enjoy it.     Ingredients for the mussels 1 kg of mussels 1 broccoli 4 stalks of celery 1 large onion 1 leek 3 bay leaves   Ingredients for the broccoli sauce A few leaves of the celery A few … Lees verder Mussels in cream broccoli sauce

Pineapple,Papaya Fitness ice cream

On a sunny day and not forgetting of course the diet this summer, light foods, salads, fruits, water and why not our ice cream too! All natural ingredients. Remember that you add the Sugar the way you like,your taste, like the milk cream. I made in half an hour and stayed in the freezer for about 4 hours before serving. Well let’s start with this … Lees verder Pineapple,Papaya Fitness ice cream

Artichoke Bread Cheese Pie

Well with the artichoke season again is the time to taste this beautiful flower again with a special flavor that gives many cooking possibilities for every moment. In the supermarket i saw a large Turkish bread, big enough for a pie.In this case, I use my fingers to make some holes that makes easy for the other ingrediends.With thyme, garlic, parsley and Mediterranean herbs. You … Lees verder Artichoke Bread Cheese Pie

Vegan sweet potatoes with soya mince and tapioca flour

Today I introduce the combination of soya bean meat, dried mushrooms in strips with a tapioca flour and Parmigiano cheese topping to give that layer without using too much melted cheese. That’s why I always use tapioca or cassava flour to replace the large amount of cheeses used to melt. In this way you do not lose the flavor by using less cheese and it … Lees verder Vegan sweet potatoes with soya mince and tapioca flour

Easy Mexicaan oven baked minced meat tacos

Something that I get energy is from beans and does not matter, winter, autumn or summer, super tasty as casserole, just try they’re perfect for any weeknight . I did not used grated cheese for the topping of this casserole, just in the sauce. Of course you can give generous grated cheese, the more the better!     Ingredients 400gr minced meat 1 large onion 1 … Lees verder Easy Mexicaan oven baked minced meat tacos

Oven roasted codfish and vegetables

I chose this time carrots in variety and colors, combining it with breadcrumbs to give that crunchy layer with the sardine sauce with cream cheese.This dish is the one for the weekends or  or when you have more time to cook,   Ingredients 2 sliced onions (one sliced and the other cut into slices) carrots mix and parsnip garlic to taste 1 pack of dill … Lees verder Oven roasted codfish and vegetables

The ajinomoto salt in the diet, Super delicious!!!

The AJINOMOTO salt in the diet, Super delicious!!! Discover together with me this salt substitute… We know that salt is produced in several forms: unrefined salt (coarse salt, also called sea salt and the flower of salt), refined salt (cooking salt) and iodized salt. It is a white crystalline solid under normal conditions. Over the years I have been changing my diet with salt. In … Lees verder The ajinomoto salt in the diet, Super delicious!!!

Healthy zucchini spelled flour pancake pie

Pancakes are delicious, We live more aware about the value of our health and so I recommend today a healthier and more suitable pie for the oven Let’s start with our pancake. Ingredients 2 cups buckwheat flour (spelled flour) 2 cups of sparkling water 1 egg and a little salt and vegetable oil To make the pancake Mix all ingredients and make the pancakes, Heat a … Lees verder Healthy zucchini spelled flour pancake pie

My pressure cooker, this wonderful mobile oven

Chicken with brussel sprouts and potatoes burgers   Pressure cooker I remember my mother’s house, everything so tasty and even having everything together the procedure that is done in the pressure cooker respects the individual flavors, colors, texture and with the softness in a fast way as only this mobile oven can do… Even putting everything in this pan, no matter what, meat, vegetables, soups, … Lees verder My pressure cooker, this wonderful mobile oven

After christmas pie

Leftovers are delicious especially during or after special days Leftovers from me turkey casserole with peach, pears, chestnuts to make a new meal as a pie For the pie Ingredients: 1 pack of filo pastry 3 eggs 1 chopped onion 2 full tablespoons Greek yogurt 2 cups of spelled flour leftover of vegetables leftover of turkey salt and pepper butter to spread the pie plate … Lees verder After christmas pie