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Hello, I’m Lenie, Welcome to my kitchen,,,Sharing with you my meals with a confort twist. I love to cook using fresh vegetables, spices to create flavourful, healthy dishes that can easily be incorporated into everyday meals.

The inspiration from my recipes coming from my family and by being mother make that process from family-comfort coming back again.
I’m the oldest from a family of five with two different worlds, my mother from the coast sea, my father from the country side, i grow up between fruit fields,nuts,spices and grains. Make me in a very early age been interested to help my mother in the kitchen and later cooking for everyone.Always big meals and I still doing.Enough to refrigerate for other days. And because of the diversity of tastes, places, colors in my youth, is how I came up with the name Plenty Flavors for this blog

Everything I share here are recipes that I make, have a world kitchen creativity like me! And with my Vegan-non vegan recipes too to inspiring you.