Gingerbread House Deer Cake for Celebration

For the cake I used a light soft batter of vanilla with a lemon cream and white chocolate en to finalizing gingerbread spices for the brown effect

Gingerbread House deer cake for my Christmas . Merry Christmas everyone !!! A few days a go I had a little bit of extra time in the kitchen to celebrate a year of Plenty Flavours and of course enjoy a Christmas breakfast in the morning. Was very nice and just good enough to eat outside ,,,,For this time no recipe but about the recipe.

Share this beautiful breakfast table with you,,, Enjoy and a thanks!

For the cake I used a light soft batter of vanilla with a lemon cream with white chocolate en finalizing the sides with the gingerbread spices,


By start the gingerhouse i use pieces of cardboard and cut in a small size than the original, because then the dough will grow and we get the right size that we want
To make the gingerbread house on top of the winter cake I used the buttery cookie dough only with the difference are the spices.


Now the gingerhouse is starting to get life
IMG_20181225_222746 (1)
For the gingerbread house I use the marshmallow fondant but you need to work quickly. Dry quickly with a beautiful white snow effect,
Christmas stollen with marzipan and raisins are one of my favorites during a Christmas day.


Photo Editor_zqiHrG
The two cakes,,,Look like one pice! Not true 🙂




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