Creamy Pumpkin Shrimps recipe

This delicious Creamy Pumpkin Shrimps with pure and unrefined palm oil, that I like to share with you is a recipe that I wait when the pumpkin season arrives. Then I can make with fresh pumpkin and those that you will see are from my garden. It is a traditional Brazilian food recipe.Originally with Shrimps (prawn) stuffed pumpkin,,,More from this recipe at Lees verder Creamy Pumpkin Shrimps recipe

Oven-baked Oats & Granola cake base

For the coming week this simple,delicious cake base,with tea and soy milk, I use tea in this recipe just to eat in a different, healthier way. You can use in an endless way,, For example as a bar for your breakfast on the road, in jar with fruit ,during sports,a desert and more delicious things *Use dry fruits,seeds if you like *For those bars I use … Lees verder Oven-baked Oats & Granola cake base