Oysters and Seaweed bread

I went to Bruinisse in Zeeland, the Netherlands. It has become a tradition to eat fresh mussels almost every year there. A big mussels party! Besides the mussels there is also fresh vegetables, fruit market, funfair and this time saw a staple with lots of bread as  ingredients ,,seaweed, oysters and much more!! Because I am a fan of seafood and seaweed, I bought this 2 small breads on later at home to eat.


The persoon told me that is made from purified seawater from the Oosterschelde National Park, with a salt reduction than a normal bread and of course made from 100% only natural pure ingredients.


I was happy to see such a product and the taste is very natural, there is not too much filling in it. I had salad and sauces for this dish and  it was hard to choose, with a soup or salad. After a day like a mussels,food festival t was good to end the day with a small new dish.



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