Leftovers Paella stuffed zucchini

Always something to do if you have something left from a rice dish. But instead of just warming up you can also have this delicious stuffed zucchini with extra vegetables.

Nothing better than such a large zucchini from own garden. Let’s start with our zucchini



Leftovers paella
1 zucchini, cut in 2 and without pips
green peas frozen
Cherry tomatoes
Bell Pepper,yellow,red
Extra olive oil
Extra mussels shells





Turn over to 180°c degrees
Wash the corgette, cut in half and remove the seeds, so that you have a good space  for the paella leftovers


Cut the bell peppers in half (for the garnish) and the cherry tomatoes in half

Fry the zucchini in the grill and fill the zucchini with the leftover paella. Then garnish with the Pepper bells, mussels shells, parsley and olive oïl.


Bring to the oven for 25min and serve immediately ,,, The zucchini will be also soft! Enjoy

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