Quick and easy Cherry Grunt pie


For a easy and quick way to make a grunt pie without much time in the kitchen, than is this pie one of the best way! Grunt is so delicious and simple with a few ingredients and 25 minutes in the oven,,,and is done. I use cherries because at the moment they are abundant in the supermarket. Lets start!



500g fresh cherries (without pips)
1 small jar of cherry jam (sugar free)
1/2 pack of biscuit maria 100g
150g of flour
1 bag of vanilla pudding powder
1 teaspoon vanilla essense
Almond slices
juice of 1/2 lemon
Zest of 1 lemon

The grunt cookies

100g of maria ckackers
150g of flour
50g cold butter
little water

grunt koekejs
For extra coloring for the grunt mixture I mix just 1tbsp of juice (red cherries) f



Make the pudding according the instructions of the packaging, add the vanilla essense,mix well and set aside

Spread a little bit  butter on an oven-proof dish and place the cherry jam over


kersen en pudding

Spread the vanilla pudding over the jam without pressing, very soft to the edges. Then the fresh cherries, lemon juice over the pudding.

grunt klaar voor de oven

Miix the ingredients of the grunt cookies well with help of a wooden spoon and then continue with the hands, make cookies and put them above the cherries the way you like it, spread the rest on the edge of the oven dish until you get a circle shape.

Sprinkle the almonds over the cake, the zest of lemon and a few drops of the jam on everything,

Photo Editor_op boord

Bring in the preheat oven for 25 minutes (180 ° c),,,,Enjoy it!!!

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