wild rice and seaweed salad

A complete rice. Full of essential vitamins and minerals, very fresh with some roasted nuts and fresh sliced lettuce

You can use the sea vegetables just as easily on everything.
The sea vegetables are in fact very healthy. Rich in iron, fiber and iodine and some types can even be good meat substitutes.

doperwten-salade-op bord



1 pack of wild rice cooked
1 can of garden beans drained
400gr of peas deep-frozen
1 large sweet onion
350gr chickpeas fresh or canned
Half cucumber in slices
1 tablespoon dried wakame seaweed mix
4 leaves of frisée lettuce cut into long pieces
1/2 cup black and white sesame seeds
Garlic on taste




To begin pour the onion,garlic  with the cooked rice into a frying pan and simmer gently and slow.

Add in the spices and the garden beans,chickpeas,green peas,sesame,wakame seaweed seasoning mix and still simmering, for about 10 min. Do not add too much oil. This dish is best with a less oil, which allows the flavor and aroma of the seaweed and seasoning to flavor the fried rice.

Take the pan out of cooking.

In a large plate place the fried rice and use the peas,
sliced lettuce, the cucumber around the rice

Top the rice with extra black and white sesame seeds to finish, Enjoy!

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