Melon bowl with chia pudding

Chia seeds. These seeds contain more magnesium, iron, more calcium than fresh milk. Use them as a supplement to your diet or as a variation. I use at least 2 times a week on salads and my breakfast

You prepare a portion the night before, The day after in a few minutes is ready! You can simply serve the pudding in a bowl, with a little bit of granola, nuts , fresh fruits.Beautiful to serve as a breakfast.



A small melon
200ml almond milk
Cereals of your choice
Fresh fruit
Mint leaf
Decoration of choice


200 ml of almond milk
a drop or 2 vanilla extract
4 el chia seeds
A bit of honey

Rose and wafers made from bread dough,in 10 min is ready 180°c preheat oven

– Put all ingredients of the pudding in a bowl and leave to stiffen in the refrigerator. I stay overnight, so you get the best result

-Cut a melon in half, remove the seeds, remove a few balls of melon with a melon spoon

-Fill the melon bowl with the chia pudding
-Serve with toppings of your choice, such as nuts, berries, fresh fruit ,,, Enjoy!


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