Quick and easy Cherry Grunt pie

For a easy and quick way to make a grunt pie without much time in the kitchen, than is this pie one of the best way! Grunt is so delicious and simple with a few ingredients and 25 minutes in the oven,,,and is done. I use cherries because at the moment they are abundant in the supermarket. Lets start! Ingredients 500g fresh cherries (without pips) … Lees verder Quick and easy Cherry Grunt pie

wild rice and seaweed salad

A complete rice. Full of essential vitamins and minerals, very fresh with some roasted nuts and fresh sliced lettuce You can use the sea vegetables just as easily on everything. The sea vegetables are in fact very healthy. Rich in iron, fiber and iodine and some types can even be good meat substitutes. Ingredients   1 pack of wild rice cooked 1 can of garden … Lees verder wild rice and seaweed salad

Mussels in cream broccoli sauce

A blender creamy broccoli mussels today.Light for a summer day! I usually choose something different and sometimes the color of the sea, such as today!!! Enjoy it.     Ingredients for the mussels 1 kg of mussels 1 broccoli 4 stalks of celery 1 large onion 1 leek 3 bay leaves   Ingredients for the broccoli sauce A few leaves of the celery A few … Lees verder Mussels in cream broccoli sauce

Pineapple,Papaya Fitness ice cream

On a sunny day and not forgetting of course the diet this summer, light foods, salads, fruits, water and why not our ice cream too! All natural ingredients. Remember that you add the Sugar the way you like,your taste, like the milk cream. I made in half an hour and stayed in the freezer for about 4 hours before serving. Well let’s start with this … Lees verder Pineapple,Papaya Fitness ice cream