The ajinomoto salt in the diet, Super delicious!!!

The AJINOMOTO salt in the diet, Super delicious!!!

Discover together with me this salt substitute…

Discover together with me this salt substitute… We know that salt is produced in several forms: unrefined salt (coarse salt, also called sea salt and the flower of salt), refined salt (cooking salt) and iodized salt. It is a white crystalline solid under normal conditions.

Over the years I have been changing my diet with salt. In my adolescence I consumed a lot more than now, while we had (monosodium glutamate) “Aji-no-moto or ve-tsin” on the table, in the kitchen. But to tell the truth, I did not like the flavor! To enhance the flavor to my meal sometimes I added a little,because I knew it was healthy.

As a child i enjoy looking at it and has a beautiful structure,like a precious stones. Now for a years I have been using monosodium glutamate and I feel much better in all aspects of my health, which for many people can be a radical change because of the new taste that we a not use to.

We know that we should do not only a physical activity, good food,sleep wel and everything in excess does not do well for your health and that lowering salt is very important. “The recommendation is less than 5 grams of salt per day. Therefore, industrialized foods, responsible for 70% of the salt consumed by people, should be avoided.


9 grams of salt generate retention of 1 liter of water, which overwhelms the heart. A balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, potassium and calcium is recommended, with little salt and no saturated fat to reduce hypertension.

One of the most important measures is to discourage the use of salt and sugar to the table, to control the consumption of these foods. Over the years, natural changes in the intensity of taste perception occur

However, in the same way that this increased and often extremely excessive consumption of sodium happens, there are also numerous damages. These include increases in the rate and propensity to develop hypertension-related diseases, excessive accumulation of fluid in the body (or water retention), weight gain (by water retention), and damage to structures such as joints and ligaments. become overwhelmed among so many others.

Without knowing for years about their value, properties and now I continue using every day in my meals … Try the taste of monosodium glutamate in your daily dishes and discover this wonderful change in your way of substituting the salt for ajinomoto, ve-tsin or other brand,,,Enjoy!

vis bouillon
for a fish sauce for example it is not necessary to add salt

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