Vegetarian Zucchini and Cabbage Spaghetti Pasta

Delicious healthy pasta for today. Use your favorite pasta sauce for this recipe and create a nest from the spaghetti. This pasta based on tomato sauce is one of those that is easy, quick, healthy and also easy to freeze. With a little cabbage in it to make that extra healthy pasta.

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Creamy Herring Fusilli Pasta

For this time i have this delicious skinny creamy pasta. I eat this recipe in the summer as a cold pasta salad that you can make and eat the next day. With the cream cheese and the double cream make everything super creamy. For the seefood lovers a super tasty meal. 

Vegetarian Oatmeal Pizza Dough

This Vegetarian pizza recipe i’ve posted before on instagram, so i bringing it back today step by step. It’s a great natural alternative for those who like to make recipes with a versatile ingredients. it is a light version of the traditional pizza without changing the taste that we like.

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